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Qt/C++ - Games (Linux)

ujagames for linux systems - for X11 with and without KDE!

German games

These games are programmed to simply plaing a certain game. You may call them pre-versions of the International games.
You'll find there mostly games that are too complicated to be played as javascript-games because sprites stumbles, or the game runs too slow. A typical example is Pfadfinder: the recursion causes some browsers to go to sleep or jump out of the function. Furthermore you'll find those javascript games where people asked me for (Fleur).

Installation ist done by executing their .pro files and a make in a directory of your choice. You don't need to be root.

If you don't find a certain game anymore that once has been in this group, check "International Games". It might have ": advanced".

  1. Download and unpack in a fresh directory, point to this directory
  2. Generate Makefile: qmake <program name>.pro
  3. Generate program: make
  4. You may adjust some things like the path to the highscore list, or leave them as they are.
  5. Start game:: ./<name of the game>
  6. If you like, put an icon on the desktop
local games download

International Games, Project: ujagames for linux systems at berliOS

Some gentoo users asked my boss if the so-called local gabes could be made available in english. Going international, I started a research about the features of the concurrent's games. and programmed my and others' favourite gimmicks into them.

You install them with shell scripts, mostly 2 or 4 for the most common settings.
Their names are a compound of the name of the game, the soundserver (NAS,aRts) if used, and the language.

  1. Download, unpack, point to the new directory
  2. If the game uses sound, in case of aRts/KDE start: ./install_<name of the game>_arts_engl.cmd
    incase of X11/NAS or KDE/NAS start: ./install_<name of the game>_nas_engl.cmd
    If the game comes without sound start: ./install_<name of the game>_engl.cmd
  3. You may adjust some things like the path to the highscore list (check readme.txt), or leave them as they are.
  4. Start game: ./<spielname>
  5. You may want to add an icon to the desktop. My boss decided not to provide a script that does it by itself, in order to keep compatibility between de different Linux versions.
Download internationale Spiele (deutsch)
Download international games (english)

Level Archive

LittleSheep and Fleur II come with leveleditors.
A level is a single line in the files levels.csv or userlevels.csv. These are editable values that are separated by semicola on the first degree or commata on the second degree. There must be no empty lines between the level lines.

In this section you find some levels that gamers sent to us, as well as complete level packages fpr download.

If you pick a whole package, unpack it and copy the levelfile over the old one, but don't forget to backup your favourite self-written levels (one line in a levelfile is one level). You'd better send them to us to be included in the package :-)

Complete package
  1. Backup the lines with your favourite self-written levels
  2. unpack the package and copy levels.csv or userlevels.csv to the directory the game is in.
  3. Open the levelfile with a text editor, add your backed-up levels seamlessly at the end of the file. Save, exit.
  4. Restart your game.
Single Levels

  1. Copy the complete text from the textfield into the clipboard.
  2. Open the levelfile (levels.csv or userlevels.csv) with a text editor
  3. Paste the clipboard line at the end of your levelfile. There should be no empty line between the level lines. Save, exit.
  4. Restart your game.
Submit Your Own Levels

You may submit your self-amde levels.
If the level is unique, we play it several times. If we succeed to clear the board 3 times, the level will be added to the archive.

Click here: Nachricht an uja, Betreff: Level and the name of the game, paste your level line(s) in the text field and submit.

Levels Lämmerlinge / LittleSheep
Levels Fleur II

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